Book Cover Design

A professional book cover can have a significant impact on the allure of your book. It’s a major component of your literary work. But it’s not just about designing a captivating cover. There’s more to it. Understanding the technical aspects of cover templates, which are specific to each distributer, is a principal aspect of printing a book cover that translates from the screen to a polished product that you can hold in your hands.

My cover design service is a safe and affordable option for authors. I take a phased approach to designing a desirable cover for you. As an author, I’ve designed all of the covers for my published works as well as my WIPs. I’ve worked with image editing tools, like Adobe Photoshop, and vector graphics editors, like Adobe Illustrator, for over twenty years. As a long-time software developer, I’m also well-versed in anything technical, and feel I can produce creative solutions for any hurdle that presents itself.

My style is organically minimalistic, however I will venture into more elaborate designs if that’s what you’re looking for.

Phase 1 – Direction and Vision

In this phase, I’ll correspond with you through email or join you in a phone or video conversation in order to better understand your needs and desires for your book cover. I’ll work with you to create a visionary concept that we can turn into reality.

Phase 2 – Initial Design

After we have a path to travel down, I’ll design a high-fidelity, 72-PPI front and back cover, like the images below, which we can iterate upon until you are satisfied we’ve achieved a book cover that compliments your literary work at a level that meets your standards. If during this phase you feel like I can’t get your design where you want it, then you can opt out of our agreement.

Phase 3 – Template Conversion

If you are happy with the output of the Initial Design Phase, then we’ll agree on a payment method, and I’ll work with you to obtain templates from your distributors. Once we have the templates, I’ll create 300-PPI versions of your design atop each template. Once each design is complete, I’ll hand over the designs to you, so that you can upload your cover design to your distributors in a print-worthy format.

To summarize:

If you are interested in working with me, hop over to my publishing site using the button below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.